3 month olds get a bad rap | Toronto lifestyle studio family photo session

March 27, 2017

Here’s something I’ve heard from more than a few clients: “I really want to take family pictures now, but my youngest is 3-months-old. We should probably wait.”
I couldn’t disagree more. I love 3-month-olds. Possibly even more than squishy newborns or silly one-year-olds.
Why? In no particular order, here’s what I love most about 3-month-olds:
1) They don’t move
2) They smile
3) They’re not on a firm schedule, so you have some flexibility with your session time
4) They are too young to fear strangers or big black objects that click in their faces
5) They are growing out of their newborn look and into the sweet face they will keep through childhood
Still skeptical? Take a look at this recent family session. Even with his (totally loving) brother and sister manhandling him and jumping around, and his parents picking him up and putting him down, this little guy stayed calm and connected with the camera. He rocked his photos.
Convinced? Have a 3-month-old? I can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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