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July 20, 2017

toronto family maternity photography

If I could have a do-over (and I realise this is a very dangerous game to play), I would go back 4.5 and 2.5 years and tell myself to book maternity sessions to celebrate my second and third pregnancies.

For my first, the uber talented Emma McIntyre took my photos and I love them. Those images are some of my favourite images of me I have. The second and third time around though, my husband and I felt “been-there-done that”, why do we need another session of me looking puffy?

Now with a few years to look back, I feel like we missed documenting big moments for our family: Our babies turning into big kids. Our only child about to be a big brother. A little sister about to be a big sister. Parents on the cusp of being outnumbered.

I feel that’s a big reason why I really really love shooting other family’s maternity photos with older siblings. There’s something super special about this time in a their lives – with so many emotions and connections playing out in front of my lens. I love it.

I’m curious. Did you do a maternity session for your first pregnancy? How about your second (or third, or fourth ;)?

PS: Check out this little guy’s golf swing. He’s ready for the pre-school PGA 😉




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