Never underestimate an only child | Toronto family photographer

February 22, 2017

I’m an only child. It’s a fact that defined my childhood and still defines me as a person. I like my space. I like things to go my way. I like being treated as an equal. I don’t like being underestimated.
So shame on me for underestimating one of my own at a recent shoot.
A bit of a backstory: when a family friend contacted me to book a photo session with her husband, sister and 5-year-old daughter as a present for their parents, I was honoured, touched and thrilled. Her parents are two of my parents dearest friends and have done a lot for us over the years (including giving my husband his first job in Canada!).
At the time I had just come off the fall leaves/pre-holiday family photo crunch time of the year. I was capturing the connections and energy of families with two, three, even four kids. The more the merrier. One child? I was thinking this session was going to be pretty sedate, and I was wracking my mind (and Pinterest) for ideas on how to make sure these pictures didn’t come out boring.
I didn’t need to worry.
After about five minutes of typical family photos in her aunt’s gorgeous loft space, she was off. Giggling, climbing, jumping and finally .. running. This kid was the best. She brought the session to life, and brought so much joy to the faces of her rest of her family. In short, she rocked it.
And I won’t underestimate an only again. I know better.

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