I love a great story,

I love telling them, I love hearing them, but most of all, I love seeing and sharing them through my images.

   I took the leap into full-time photography, I spent my days tracking down stories as a producer at CTV. I loved the job because it was full of hustle, called for constant creativity, and always required imaginative problem-solving.

That may mean documenting the lives of four generations at a family cottage on Lake Simcoe (even when Mother Nature seemed poised not to cooperate), or working with ParticiPACTION to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday by photographing our favourite active past times. It could even mean showing up at your home days after giving birth to capture some first candid moments between your blossoming family (I’ll naturally incorporate everyone’s matching Air Jordans into my shots). 

My goal as a photographer is to generate shots that evoke the same sensation of joy and nostalgia for my clients. 

It wasn’t until I experienced a typical parent-toddler moment that I decided to apply my film skills to photos. I had come to love taking pictures of my three kids, and Emily, my final baby, and I wound up at a park. In true kid fashion she had no interest in leaving when I did, so in a last ditch effort to bide her time, she plunked herself down in a hole and began picking dandelions. I could have picked her up and put her in the car, but instead I grabbed my camera. The result is a very real, raw, and memorable image that I cherish to this day. I can feel and hear what was happening around us at the time. 


I shoot to capture real, emotional, vivid, and personal photos in candid and comfortable environments. 

For me, the most interesting pictures, the ones that make you stop and look, don’t display perfection, they show personality and connection, and tell a great story.

Those are the kinds of images I’d love to create for you.

I'm so looking forward to hearing your story...

i love a phone call