I’m most interested in capturing candid and intimate moments as a new family. Instead of posing and props, I want you to focus on slowing down and your little one.


I LOVE photographing newborns and their families

in those fleeting first weeks together. It’s a brand new chapter in all of your lives, and it’s gone in a hazy, sleep deprived moment. 

A - I put away my watch for my sessions and I want you to as well. Each session is unique and follows its own rhythm. I don't want you to worry that your baby needs to feed, or we're dragging the session too long because we "have the time" - each session will be as long as in needs to be, usually between one to two hours.

Q -How long does the session take?

A - Ideally, in your home. It’s where everyone feels the most comfortable and in all honesty, it’s really hard to get out of the house in those first few weeks. I also feel like your home plays a big role in the story of your growing family. It’s where you spend your days (and nights!) getting to know one another and building memories.

Q - Where do newborn sessions take place?

A - Older siblings add energy and another layer of emotion to a newborn session - I love them! That being said, I’m well aware that there may be a lot of feelings involved with a new baby brother or sister coming home, so I follow the big sibling’s lead. If I receive a warm greeting from the big kid when I arrive, I try to get them involved with the shoot right away before they get bored of me. If they’re not interested, I give them space to warm up before asking if they’d like to join in. No one’s turned me down yet!

Q - How do you get siblings involved?

A - Ideally, photographing a newborn is “easiest” within the first two weeks after delivery, but that’s not always ideal for many families for a variety of reasons. Since my approach to newborn photography doesn’t rely on posing the baby, it is totally fine if they have grown out of their newborn slumber. Sometimes I actually prefer it - there’s nothing cuter than a staring competition with a three-week-old baby. ;)

Q - When should we book our session?


begins at

My Newborn Session Pricing



In the months leading up to your due date, or after you’ve had the baby, send me an email. I will send you my welcome guide and help select the package that’s right for you. We decide on a date, time and location that works best for your session. I send you an online agreement and invoice. Once you’ve signed and paid your deposit my time is booked for you!

Step 1

We set up a time for a phone consult. Yes, the phone. We chat about your family, your expectations for the shoot, location, any specific images you have in mind, how you want to display your images (wall art, album, holiday cards etc..) wardrobe, and any other questions you may have to make the actual session easy and stress free.

Step 2

Now for the best part, the session! We will spend between 1 to 2 hours together at your home. I will help encourage natural and connected moments and also give you space to candidly spend time with each other. We can take as many breaks as needed for feeding and settling your little one.

Step 3

I send you a link to your private online gallery with the best images from our time together. Browse, download, share and print your images directly from the gallery. It’s convenient and straightforward. If you would like some guidance about printing wall art and albums, I’m always happy to take care of this for you. Make sure you have a box of kleenex ready before you click play!

Step 4

Prints, wall art and albums are crafted and delivered to you. All you have to do is find the space on your wall or your coffee table for your new favourite pieces for your home.

Step 5


Your family is going through so many changes this year, one session may not be enough to tell your story.

 I love reconnecting with you for maternity and newborn sessions or newborn and 1st year sessions (or anytime in the first year!) and would be happy to customize a quote for you.

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