I went Mother’s Day shopping for you / my photo gift guide

April 24, 2019

Mother’s day is coming up VERY soon. Many of you are, or will be, shopping for the perfect gift (and hopefully many of you will also be receiving perfect gifts!). I’m here to help. I’ve put together a list of photo-related presents for all the incredible mothers in your life. 

LEAF LOCKET, showshdesigns.com $180 As a kid, I loved my locket necklace. I stuffed a tiny picture of my cat Sparky inside it. The Leaf Locket by Toronto based Showsh Designs is infinitely more stylish than the one I wore in the mid-to-late 80’s. I love that you can choose two or four photos, which is great for moms like me with more than one child. Each locket is custom made and the price includes teeny-tiny printing.

POSTER HANGERS, westelm.ca $41
Poster hangers are a low commitment and stylish solution for displaying really big prints. I’ve seen different versions pop-up lately on Pinterest, but I particularly like these ones from West Elm because they are held together with magnets making it super easy to swap images in and out. 

If your desk is anything like mine, space is at a premium. This frame doubles as a pencil/random stuff holder or a vase. Attractive pieces that serve more than one purpose make me very happy.

PICTURE POSTAGE, canadapost.ca, starts at $18
If your mother still writes letters, I bet she also loves sharing pictures of her grandchildren at every opportunity (I’m sure there is a venn diagram to prove this point). Help her share her pride with custom photo stamps from Canada Post. 

PHONEOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, gtaphotographyclasses.com $64
While I would love to photograph all of your family’s milestones, in reality some of the biggest moments in your kids’ lives will happen when the only camera around is a phone and the only photographer present is you, your partner and/or your mom. GTA Photography makes it easy to purchase a workshop as a gift certificate, perfect if you’re reading this on May 12th. 

If you happen to be panicking that you don’t have any images to fill these lovely gifts, fear not, I can help. Get in touch ASAP if you’d like to book a session before Mother’s Day and have photos ready for the 12th. Better yet, gift your partner or your mom a family photo session. Promise she’ll love it. I can create a custom gift certificate to hand to her over brunch.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms who made it to the bottom of my post & to their families shopping for them!


PS: I need to mention that I took the picture of the iphone taking a picture by myself with no tripod. I’m quite proud.


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