Oh those summer nights! | Family session in Cedarvale

August 10, 2018

golden hour family photography toronto cedarvale park

Anyone else sing Grease all summer? Just me?

I’m obsessed with evening sessions this summer. The light is amazing. The temperatures are perfect. Kids think it’s fun to be out when they should be getting ready for bed. Also Toronto summers are so short, every beautiful night feels special.

This family wins awesomeness points for going ahead with their session even though their car broke down that day and they were leaving on a road trip the next morning. I ended up picking them up and carpooling to our location. Bonus – we had extra time to chat before we started shooting. I love a family with a great attitude going into our session – I think it really shines through in their images. Or maybe it was just the “summmmmmerrrrr ni-IIIIIGHTS! Tell me more. Tell me more.” Ok I’ll stop.

Want to book an evening session with me before the nights get shorter and the temperatures drop? Send me an email and we’ll pick a date ASAP (August does feel like borrowed time, doesn’t it??).




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