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June 30, 2018

Janis Lempera Photography lifestyle family session with baby at Spadina Museum in Toronto

When it comes to email inquiries for family photo sessions, here’s one phrase that brings me so much joy:”We’re free on Tuesday mornings.”

Ahhhh Tuesday. There’s something magical about this weekday morning in Toronto.

Parks and landmarks are quiet and free of tourists, locals (even those who take Monday or Friday off to extend their weekends) and pesky other photo sessions.

I shot this sweet family’s session at one of my favourite spots – the gardens outside of Spadina Museum – Toronto’s answer to Downton Abbey. The only other people on the grounds were the tree removal team (I’m sad to report this spring’s violent storms in Toronto did a number on the gardens) and a couple doing tai-chi.

Beyond the obvious reason of keeping other people from stepping into the frame, I think the top benefit of shooting on a Tuesday morning is the feeling of intimacy you can only create with some privacy. These parents could connect with their 4-month-old and focus on his needs, without worrying about on-lookers and being on display. For anyone with a bit of stage-fright when it comes to photo shoots – and who doesn’t – having a park to yourself is a game changer.

Want to a park to yourselves for your next family photo session? Clear a Tuesday in your calendar and get in touch (it’s worth the missed meeting – promise)!

family photo session with baby in Spadina Museum Toronto


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