My kids have helped me hone my photographer super-power: I am immune to temper tantrums. Your kids’ (or your husband’s or your client’s) behaviour cannot phase me. 

I use this super-power (and some other skills) to offer families, entrepreneurs and businesses real images that show who you are, right now.

In the decade I spent working in television, I learned how to share real stories with creativity and clarity from some of the best in the business at CTV News, Canada AM, Canada’s Olympic Consortium and Discovery Channel. I also learned to never miss a deadline. 

It was exciting and creative and the perfect career for me. And then I had 3 kids in 5 years. Let’s just say my priorities changed.

In photographing my own family daily, I look for the stories playing out in our everyday life. Tomorrow they will be a little bit taller. I love capturing the small moments just as much as the major milestones. 

None of us are perfect. None of us walk around in matching outfits (except for Minions). Let’s stop remembering ourselves that way. Let’s remember our real selves, our real families, our real relationships. It’s beautiful.

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